Training Manual Facilitator Guide

The Advocacy Primer has been created to help congregations begin to understand the theological and practical implications of doing justice. The Primer has both a Facilitators Guide and a Participants Guide.

The Facilitators Guide provides detailed instructions how to establish and execute the training over whatever period of sessions your group feels comfortable with. The Primer has five modules as follows:

Module 1  Speaking the Truth in Love
Understanding and developing some basic group interaction and facilitation skills.

Module 2  Let Justice Roll  —  Why we care
Learning the theological underpinning of Christian justice; the Social Principles and Church Polity; and the relationship between Church and State.

Module 3  Group Discernment  –  Seeking Truth in Community
Learning the process of discernment, the prime method of engaging those who do not understand Christian justice; Wesley’s Quadrilateral of Christian discernment, his way of understanding spiritual growth and holiness;

Module 4  Going Upriver – Seeking Truth in an Overabundance of Information.
Learning how to research issues, gather data, reflect, seek common ground and to assess situations to be able to draw Christ-like conclusions.

Module 5  Developing Strategies for Advocacy.
Learn how to built non-violent advocacy actions.

Each module can be covered in one session or broken down into several sessions at the groups choice.

Between each Module you will “Walk the talk” or “Walk in the shoes of the suffering” We have built in 6 “Encounters with God in the World” that enable you as a team to spend time with those who suffer, to listen to their stories, and to understand not only the immediate circumstances of their suffering that may lead you to provide some act of love or charity, but also to learn the root cause of their suffering, so that where an act of injustice is prolonging their suffering, you can build a remedial strategy.

Each encounter is focused on a particular area of injustice, and we offer ideas for each member or the whole group, to really understand the suffering of people. Christ called us to be fully engaged in our neighbors suffering, and we will endeavor to “experience” that suffering ourselves by walking in the shoes of those who suffer. We will get as close as we can to their experience to fully understand it. The goal is for you to be able to create strategies to change the systems that perpetuate the suffering.  We encourage you to build other “Encounters”. Here they are:

  • Poverty and economic justice
  • Health care
  • Child Welfare and Protection
  • Criminal Justice
  • Disabilities and Accessibility.
  • Caring for Creation

Also available:  Training Manual Participant Guide

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