Our Services

Advocacy and Social Justice Community Action

The Austin District Amos Commission provides a wide range of support services to congregations and small groups to empower them to do justice work. Our mission is to ignite and sustain social transformation, build collaborative action, and build skills to bring a just and sustainable world. We provide network building, consulting, facilitation, leadership development, and training and provide resources, coaching and other forms of support to build the widest range of advocacy and community action skills in your church community. Whether you create a formal group dedicated to advocacy work within your congregation, or are simply interested in building advocacy and community action skills, we are committed to providing that support.

We believe that by balancing your thinking between the Issue you are so passionate about,

  • with a clear Process for dealing with that issue
  • starting with Worship,
  • then objective Study,
  • discerning the data through thoughtful Reflection,
  • creating a clear Proclamation of your findings, and
  • building Advocacy activities that build and reconcile Relationships across many beliefs and values.

Getting Started

We will help you form an Amos Commission at your congregation. We have a comprehensive start up kit and will provide experts to help you to plan and develop your initiative.

We will help you:

  • build a strategic plan
  • brief your congregation
  • establish a core group
  • build resources
  • train you in search methods for resources


Interested in starting with some advocacy or community action work? Well, we can help you analyse and select approaches to address the issue you are passionate about. We will provide comprehensive training in the basics of advocacy work, plus how to energize and empower others to support your efforts. Sustaining your advocacy and community action efforts is difficult, so we provide ongoing support and coaching. We have experts in every advocacy method and in Community Organizing. See “OUR WORKSHOPS” for details about training offered by the Austin District Amos commission and other service organizations. We offer a variety of training resources:

Advocacy Primer – the basics of Biblically centered justice practice. This five part study series will get your congregation started on its mission to do justice. This series provides the basics of doing Christian justice in key areas, and ensures that you tackle each issue with due process, building relationships as you go. For a full description of the Advocacy Primer…..

Gospel Truth and Power, The Costly Business of Engaging the World with Jesus, an audio study guide to becoming a prophetic voice in your church, by Rev Dr. Peter Storey, Emeritus Professor, Duke Divinity School. An eight part study series with a study guide based on a workshop led by Dr. Peter Storey for clergy in Austin 2007. This challenging and provacative study series will challenge your understanding of the role of the Gospel of Jesus in public policy and Christian justice. Storey will not make you feel comfortable, he will however get you to question many of your secular held beliefs about the role of Jesus, and get you to do justice because of the message Jesus told. Available in the Amos Commission store or from the Austin District office for $20. Call 512 444-1983 or email Rachel Wright at or order online.

Texas Impact – Advocacy with Legislators and through the Public Media. Texas Impact has built a selection of basic advocacy tools which we use in the advocacy primer to build basic advocacy skills. topics like How to write a letter to your Representative, or your newspaper editor, plus how to start an advocacy group, are among the topics covered. Go to www.texasimpact.org and look for their resources.

The General Board of Global Ministries has developed a unique approach to doing justice in communities. It is called Communities of Shalom, and it has developed a process of training congregation members to go into communities to build trust and capability. The idea is simple. “Never do for people that they can do for themselves.”  This approach is a Biblical approach to engaging people in their problems, their suffering and their need. It takes people from where they are to where they themselves figure they need to be. Go to www.communitiesofshalom.org for more details. Communities of Shalom is run by a Division of Drew University under the auspices of the General Board of Global Ministries.

Also go to www.shalommakers.com to view an organization that works with Communities of Shalom.

Development and Consulting Support

We constantly research and provide ongoing support to your group through training and the development of advocacy and community action processes. We have expert consultants on the Amos Team who are skilled at building church transformational strategies to empower church members. We provide organizations with approaches to build community structures and resources for advocacy action. We provide expertse in a variety of advocacy methods and in the selection of appropriate strategies to deal with injustice.

Join our Development Team that researches Best Practices around the country. See our tab above “OUR IMPACT” for examples of advocacy strategies that have changed our community for the better.

Speakers Bureau

We have created a speakers bureau that will provide churches with experts to present ideas, cover important issues, and help coach the development of an Amos Commission in your congregation. Need a guest speaker for your seminar or workshop? Contact us, we have a range of excellent and dynamic experts in various fields to help you make your event a sparkling success.