Environmental Laws on the line in Congress

During the week of June 22 through 26, congress voted on important new environmental laws that will tighten control on emissions and many other important environmental issues. The bill was watered down, and many in the House want more improvements to the bill. there are still critical issues that were left un-addressed like these:

Ensure more clean energy for America… Increase the renewable electricity standard to 30% by 2020 combining renewable energy and energy efficiency to deliver more clean energy jobs to the economy more quickly.

Ensure that all coal plants meet strict global warming emissions standards. Maintain or strengthen existing authority under the Clean Air Act to establish limits for global warming emissions from coal plants

Create more Clean Energy Jobs and build resilience to climate change. Reduce allocations to polluting industries in order to supplement allowance accounts that would bolster green job creation.

As this legislation moves to the Senate, there are many other features of this bill that needs you support, so call or write to your Congressional representative today and demand that these amendments be voted in.