About Us

Justice, Mercy and Charity…. creating opportunities for community-changing action

Amos Commission Brochure

What we do

The Amos Commission is a mission committee of the Capital of Texas District of the United Methodist Church. We train, coach, equip, and encourage members of congregations in this District to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves in our lives, our churches, and our world. With 65 churches in this District, and with Austin being the capital of Texas, the opportunity for the church to do justice is not one we can avoid, especially when one listens to the call of Jesus to do justice. Well known author Robin Meyers puts it this way, “in the Sermon on the Mount, there is not a single thing about what to believe; its only about what to do”

The strategic imperative of this District is to implement the General Conference Four Areas of Focus. The Amos Commission is a resource to these 65 churches to do so. We will provide you with resources, guidance, advice, and people to help you build an impactful justice ministry for your church and community.

Our Core Principles

  • Open and Diverse
  • Nonpartisan
  • Welcoming to all
  • Faith-centered
  • Well informed
  • Participatory
  • Consensus focused
  • Respectful of individual differences
  • Empowering action for Justice

Our History

In 2002 the Reverend J Charles (Chuck) Merrill, Senior Pastor at the University United Methodist Church in Austin TX, initiated a series of meetings at his church which led to the creation of a small committee charged with advocating changes to public policy in the state of Texas. The idea was to embolden lay congregation members to create positions on critical topics and lobby the Texas Legislature.

Chuck had long been a passionate voice for justice in the Southwest Texas Conference and in Austin. In 2003 he took the idea to the District Superintendent, Dr. Robert Hall, and soon thereafter a District Public Policy commission was formed. In 2005 Dr. Hall decided to rename the commission, the “Amos Commission.”

Sadly on December 29, 2006 Chuck Merrill passed away after a long illness. The work of the Amos Commission is dedicated to the life and work of our friend Chuck Merrill and we rejoice in the inspiration he was to us all.

The Amos Commission 2017-2018

  • Adama Brown, First UMC, Austin
  • Bill Carter, Parker Lane UMC, Austin
  • Rev. Peter Castles, First UMC, Cedar Park
  • Rev. Barbara Dyke, Lometa/Bend UMC
  • Rev. Linda Elford, Crestview UMC, Austin
  • Anne Mund, St. John’s UMC, Austin
  • Karen Packard, First UMC, Cedar Park
  • Frank Rojas, Bethany UMC, Austin
  • Dionisio Salazar, Parker Lane UMC, Austin
  • Pat Stewart, St. John’s UMC, Austin
  • Rev. Sharon Stewart, Parker Lane UMC, Austin
  • Rev. Cathy Stone, First UMC, Austin
  • Brooks Schuelke, Ex Officio: District Lay Leader
  • Rev. Teresa Wellborn, Ex Officio:  District Superintendent
  • Martha Calhoun, Ex Officio: District Staff Liaison